UK University Interview Coaching

University Interview Coaching

Not all university courses require interviews; traditionally Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and the majority of healthcare related courses (e.g. pharmacy, dietetics, physiotherapy etc.) will invite their candidates for interview to assess their suitability for a course. In addition, Imperial might invite applicants to sciences or engineering related courses for an interview. Your interview performance will directly impact your chance of securing an offer.

Oxbridge Interview

The focus of the interviews will be on scientific /academic questions. They are designed to reflect a tutorial or ‘supervision’ that students at Oxbridge experience on a regular basis. These challenging questions will test how well you adapt to different scenarios – and you’ll be expected to talk the interviewers through your thought process as you try to establish an answer. You have to think on your feet, as that is the way they will assess your potential.

Format of the interview questions:

  1. Drawing task: Draw the space that you are in right now (from different perspectives)
  2. Should Cambridge build more high rise or low rise buildings to address the shortage of affordable housings?
  1. What would happen if there is high inflation? Who would be the winner/loser?
  2. Why do countries have different institutions? What can we do to improve poor institutions in developing countries?
  1. The clock shows 1pm. When would the minute hand catch up with the hour hand?
  2. Explain an engineering concept you are interested in
  1. Analyze an unseen poem “The Butterfly House”
  2. Who is your favourite poet? Why?
  1. What is the point of patent right terms?
  2. Compare the roles of a solicitor and barrister.
  3. Scenario question: Sally drinks a bottle of wine and then crashes her car into another car, causing severe but not life threatening injury to Persons A, B and C. They are then rushed off in separate ambulances to the hospital. Person A is operated on by a junior doctor that makes a mistake, and he dies. Person B has a religious affiliation that prevents him from getting a blood transfusion that would have easily saved his life, and he dies. Person C's ambulance is struck by lightning and he also dies. Is Sally liable to pay damages for their deaths? 
  1. Two trains are 30km apart. If they go in the same direction, they meet 50mins later. If they go towards each other, they meet 30mins later. What are the speeds of the trains?
  1. Estimate the total number of gas molecules in the room that you are in. 
  2. If you dig a hole right through the Earth and jump into it, describe your motion.
Psychological and Behavioural Science
  1. What do you think is “normal” for a human?
  2. How can you differentiate the learning process and memory?
  3. How does heroin, with its inhibitory properties, cause an increase in dopamine released? (with a drawing)

All Oxbridge interview coaching would be conducted by interviewers graduated from or studying at Oxbridge. The interviewers have gone through the interview themselves and are well aware of the preparation that would be needed in advance.

Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary Medicine

The majority of Medical School interviews now use the MMI format, while a handful still use traditional panel interviews (e.g. Oxbridge). Regardless of the format, the interviews are designed to explore the student’s personal qualities and attributes which are vital to becoming a good doctor in the future.

You can expect to be asked about your interest in Medicine (or your chosen field), your knowledge of healthcare as well as questions on Ethics, Current issues, Teamwork and Communication. Manual dexterity (dentistry), ethical scenarios and patient communication (medicine) are common MMI stations.

Medicine Interview Workshop

Most students may find the idea of an interview daunting. If you are nervous, interview coaching and mock interviews go a long way to prepare you for the type of questions you will be asked; and ultimately increase your chance of securing an offer.

Each mock session will last 45 minutes to 1 hour which include feedback. At the end of the mock interview, the interviewer will discuss the student’s performance, highlighting areas for improvement.


All Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary Medicine interview coaching would be conducted by interviewers graduated / studying in the Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary Medicine field.

Healthcare Related Courses

These include Pharmacy, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy etc. The Interviews are designed to assess the student’s suitability to be a health professional, including aspects like the Communication skills, Scientific knowledge, Knowledge of ethical issues and Decision making. All healthcare related interview coaching would be conducted by interviewers graduated / studying in the healthcare related field.

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