Cana IB track record

Cana IB track record

We are proud to share that CANA students’ IB results have been consistently and significantly performing above the Hong Kong and world’s average.*

*All of CANA’s statistics were received from students who have used the IB tuition service at CANA.

Average IB score: Cana, Hong Kong and world’s average between 2019-2023

Percentage of CANA’s students who received 40 or above in the IB examinations

The percentage of students receiving 6 or above per subject: CANA and world’s average in May 2023



Here at CANA Elite, we truly believe that every student is unique and has the potential to reach their goals with the right guidance. Academic excellence is derived from both passionate teachers and eager students. That is why we provide a unique learning experience tailored to each individual student. Named after the location of the first miracle in the Bible, we hope CANA elite can be the place of miracles for all our students, allowing them to achieve their dreams.