What is TMUA?

The Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA) is a test used by specific Oxbridge, Imperial and LSE programs to assess a candidate’s ability and potential to excel in their courses.

Programmes that require TMUA includes:

  1. University of Cambridge
    • Computer Science
    • Economics
  2. Imperial College London
    • Computing
    • Economics, Finance, and Data Science
    • Mathematics and Computer Science
  3. LSE
    • Economics

Test format

Questions (Timing)
Part 1: Applications of Mathematical Knowledge
Assesses your ability to apply your knowledge of mathematics in new situations.
20 multiple-choice questions (75 minutes)
Part 2: Mathematical Reasoning
Assesses your ability to deal with mathematical reasoning, and simple ideas from elementary logic.
20 multiple-choice questions (75 minutes)

When is TMUA and when do I register?

TMUA is taken in mid October and you can register for the test from August to mid September.

When should I prepare for TMUA?

The TMUA test is also a way for students to assess their academic capability, as to whether they would be suitable for the course.

We recommend students to attempt mock tests and resources early, as this would provide useful information for their academic capability and admissions chance for specific courses.

When will the test results be out?

Test results will be out approximately six weeks after taking the test. There is no pass or fail for TMUA.


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